Alexia Allard. Seventeen. Fashion Blogger. Montreal.
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Alexia Allard. Seventeen. Fashion Blogger. Montreal.

What’s your name?

How old are you?

Do you follow back?
Not on demand, ask me to check out your blog and if i like it, i will follow:)

Where are you from?
Canada, Quebec.

Can you promote me?
No, only promo for promo.

How many followers do you have?
doesnt matter

Will you rate my blog?

Why didn’t you answer my message?
your question might of been useless because it is answered through here.

Do you unfollow people?
No, i wouldnt follow if i didn’t like what you post in the first place.

Will you rate/check out my blog?
Yep, just ask:)

Promo for promo?
Depends how much followers you have.
Will ask for a screenshot.

Who made your banner? go check out her banner blog, she makes banners for everyone!